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ThyRadGard Transdermal Iodine Roll-on

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Salud ThyRadGard Transdermal Iodine Roll-On keeps your thyroid levels of Iodine at optimal levels, not only allowing this gland to properly regulate your metabolic rate but also helping to prevent the absorption of the radioactive isotope Iodine 131 when nuclear events/emissions occur.

Comes in an easy no-mess roll-on applicator. Fading colour on skin gives clear indication of deficiency and consequent absorption.


Safe, Perfect Dosage
Rapid, Ready Absorption by All
Essential to a Host of Bodily Functions
Supports Metabolic Rate Regulation
Protect Your Thyroid from Radioactive Iodine 131 Absorption when nuclear events/emissions occur
Neat, clean roll-on applicator
Pleasant scent of organic oil of cinnamon leaf
SALUD Skintelligence Transdermal Supplements - Health by Osmosis


5% elemental Iodine, 10% potassium Iodide; this is the standard Lugols solution - recognised as the highest quality. Plus Essential oil of organic Cinnamon Oil MH


Apply Iodine to a patch of skin (the soles of the feet absorb the quickest but can be applied anywhere on the body). Let it dry for a few minutes (you might like to dab with a tissue to make sure).

For most people the colour will fade in a few hours. Continue to reapply until the colour remains for 24 hours. The body will then have absorbed sufficient Iodine.

Reapply occasionally to determine your body's need for Iodine at that time. There is no need to worry about overdosing when applying transdermal Iodine as the body will just absorb what it needs.


If you are concerned about skin reactions, dilute with purified water before first application.

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