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NZ Natural Formulas Endurance 25ml Oral Spray

Title :

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Endurance is formulated to naturally support your performance during periods of physical activity. Simply take Endurance at regular intervals during exercise to protect optimum muscle integrity and assist muscle function.

Endurance formula may also support good metabolism of Lactic Acid during exercise. Ideal for high performance athletes, trampers, gardeners, walkers, cyclists, golfers, hunters, and anyone embarking on sustained periods of exercise.

The formula may help maintain muscle repair, while encouraging faster recovery of energy. Endurance may be used during childbirth to help support soft tissue repair during and after delivery.

Supports calmness and recovery.

Made from only natural ingredients, NZ natural formulas are focused on providing effective solutions to support today’s full and demanding lifestyles.



Homeopathic Formula:

Arnica 6c, 15c, 30c, Gels 6c, Ars Alb 6c, Kali Phos 15c, Sarcolac Ac 15c


Endurance should be taken regularly throughout any activity to prevent cramp and fatigue. For intense exertion repeat more frequently. For longer events which are more endurance than aerobic, take one spray every hour. For activities such as hiking or backpacking, one dose every 2-3 hours is sufficient.

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