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Himalayan Salt Lamp X-Small 1.5-2kg

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What are Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps?

These handcrafted Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are made from natural mineral salt mined in the Himalaya mountain range. The distinct orange/pink salt is only found in the Himalayas. Negative ions are emitted when the Salt Crystals are heated by the electric bulb lit inside the lamp. These negative ions give the air an invigorating freshness, similar to that found at waterfalls, by the sea, on mountain-tops and after thunderstorms. 

Benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps

By providing clean, invigorating fresh air utilising the negative ions generated from the lamp, users of Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps may experience:

Relief from ailments such as headaches, allergies, migraines and sinus problems.

Reduced severity of asthma and other respiratory problems as well as increased concentration spans.

Make an ideal night light for babies, children and grandparents. The low wattage bulb makes touching the lamp safe. Also the feel good, restful hue of the lamp promotes a good night's sleep.

Reduced after effects of indoor electromagnetic pollution from computers and other electrical equipment, poor ventilation and air conditioning.

Relief from effects of fatigue and staleness associated with the artificial air and light environment normally found in the office.

Reduced odour of homes smelling of cigarette smoke, chemicals, mold and mildew or allergens such as pet smells, pollen, dust and airborne bacteria. Large sized rooms should have larger salt lamps to increase their effectiveness.

Where to use Himalayan Salt Lamps

Negative ion charge from the Salt Lamp is perfect to be used:

At computer workstations, a bedroom night stand light, the laundry, or in a walk-in closet to promote a clean, healthy atmosphere and a sound night's sleep.

Salt Lamps have also been effective in offices, school dorm rooms, hotel rooms, retail stores, waiting rooms, restaurants, night clubs, coffee shops, hair stylist work stations, art studios, dentist or doctor's examination rooms.

Safety & Care Instructions

Indoor use only. Keep away from water as it will dissolve the slat. If used outdoors, in bathrooms or spas, the salt crystals dissolve rapidly when exposed to high humidity levels. While it is ideal to leave the lamps running continuously, it is recommended that the lamp is run for at least 30 minutes each day to prevent moisture build-up. If the lamp is left switched off for an extended period the salt will dissolve and leave moisture behind. To avoid this, turn the lamp on, or store it wrapped in a plastic bag or absorbent material in a warm, dry place (such as a hot water cupboard).

Do not place the lamp on top of electrical appliances such as televisions, stereos etc.

To clean salt residue on the lamp: dry dusting regularly is recommended. An occasional wipe with a lightly dampened cloth may also be required and it will keep your lamp looking attractive.

To replace the bulb: unplug the lamp and lie it on its side. Gently pull out the round black plastic bulb holder base which will expose the light bulb. Remove the light bulb holder from the salt lamp. Replace the old light bulb with a new light bulb of equal or less wattage. Always unplug the lamp before changing bulbs or moving the lamp.

Have complete confidence that you are receiving the purest salt crystals in the world and the finest quality in craftsmanship  and artistic beauty. Under normal circumstances, if you will keep the light on all the time, your salt lamp should last for years.

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