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Harker Celtic & NZ Sea Salt with Kelp 500g

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Harker Herbals Celtic Sea Salt with Kelp is a nutrient-rich sea salt with naturally occurring minerals and trace elements to support healthy adrenal, immune and thyroid function. NZ deep water kelp provides a rich source of natural iodine without affecting the fresh, clean taste of pure sea salt.

Sun-dried, hand harvested and naturally rich in iodine. Includes minerals and trace elements of iron, selenium, potassium, calcium and magnesium essential for healthy adrenal, immune and throid function. No chemicals, additives or preservatives.

Iodine - 98.17 mcg/gram of salt based on NZ kelp analysis of iodine = 2062.5mg/kg kelp.

Add during cooking or sprinkle over your favourite dishes to enhance depth of flavour and infuse your food with vital nutrients needed for optimal health.


Pure Celtic sea salt
Pure New Zealand sea salt
Natural New Zealand deep water kelp.

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