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Golden Fields Dandelion 25 Sachets

Title :

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Everyone Knows the invading "weed" of endless golden flowers and toothed leaves; its powerful finger thick roots reaching deep down to draw nourishment from the earth. 

Golden Fields Dandelion is grown in New Zealand on organic farms. The roots are dug in autumn, dried and roasted.


Dandelion root 88% (Taraxacum officinale), Roasted malted barley 12% (Hordeum vulgare), all grown in New Zealand and freshly roasted.


Use sachets like tea bags, infuse five to ten minutes or longer. For best results, heat cup first, use boiling water and cover. Alternatively steep one or two sachets in a two cup flask. Can also be steeped in warm milk or added to coffee.


After opening, dispose of oxygen absorbing sachet, store in a air tight jar. Protect from humidity.


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