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Absolute Essential Rose 3% in Jojoba Organic 10ml

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This skin-ready blend of exclusive Rose oil in Jojoba delivers luxurious aromatic care on all levels. Rose's tender floral scent is beautifully balancing and harmonic with a soothing effect on mind and spirit, and it has equally calming and restorative powers when blended for the skin. With strong antimicrobial and cleansing action, it works to keep skin healthy and high-functioning, it also stimulates gentle lymphatic cleansing which is especially useful for dark eye rings and around the neck for supporting healthy circulation. It is high in natural anti-oxidants to combat blemishes, ageing and wrinkles, and it helps to improve the skins capacity for absorption, thus working in combination with Jojoba to deliver deep nutrition and Omega essentials for greater skin health.

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil Golden (Organic), Rose Absolute

Youthful Skin
Rose is a great essential oil with therapeutic value for mature or sensitive skin. This exceptionally nourishing and hydrating blend will help to smooth wrinkles and leave the skin soft and revitalised.

The slow-release scent of rose oil works beautifully in this rich body oil, around the neck and to pulse points for a lingering, alluring scent. Apply as often as desired.

Smooth and nourishing, warm and inspiring, this is a fully restorative body oil with qualities to promote calm and relaxation.

Grief & Loss
Warm and comforting, Rose oil can be used to help nurture vital energy in times of grief or loss. Apply a few drops to the heart area every other hour. Repeat as often as desired.

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