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Absolute Essential Heart Chakra Organic 10ml

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The heart chakra creates balance in our lives. When we move into the heart energy, we gain the capacity to feel love and compassion towards ourselves, and then genuinely towards others. Heart Chakra Oil is an exceptional pure natural formulation that supports us in our quest for peaceful and harmonious living, love and acceptance. It may be especially useful for people working through grief and loss.

Ingredients: Bergamot (Organic), Cedarwood Atlas (Organic), Jojoba Oil Golden (Organic),Sandalwood Atlas (Organic), Petitgrain Bigrade (Organic), Amyris (Wild), Rose Maroc, Melissa True (Organic)

Open, healthy energy in the heart chakra creates a flow of loving energy that permeates our life experience.

Heart energy can be closed as a response to loss and distress and our process of healing and inner growth stinted. Heart Chakra Oil supports healthy chakra energy to allow acceptance and loving compassion to guide us through.

Living breath
One body area that is affected by the heart chakra is the respiratory system. Heart Chakra Oil may be especially useful to people with breathing difficulties.

Massage into the chest and back area, as a daily treatment for 10 days.

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