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Absolute Essential Harmony Organic 10ml

Title :

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The tone of this blend is gently euphoric and very open. It is wonderfully balancing and can be used to encourage humour and clarity. Use it in a diffuser to create an easy atmosphere, support family life and enhance a special occasion. Help to foster positive communication or simply enrich your personal energy with a therapeutic bath, or dilute for massage (see directions).

Ingredients: Lavender Sweet (Organic), Orange Sweet (Organic), Bergamot (Organic), Cedarwood Atlas (Organic), Palmarosa (Organic), Ylang Ylang (Organic), Geranium (Organic), Clary Sage (Organic).

Home & Social
Enhance your living space with the relaxing tones in this blend. Diffuse to create a sense of warmth and lift. Ideal for entertaining.

Counter Stress
This blend can be used to help you re-balance, restore and clarify. It has an upbeat tone that is conducive to good humour and positive thinking.

Bath and Massage
This blend is a special therapeutic tonic for general well being. Create a beautifully balanced and relaxing bath or dilute in massage cream or oil for a restorative massage.

Diffusion: 5-10 drops, allow 10 minutes, replenish as required.
Bath: 5-10 drops mixed into bath water.
Massage: Blend 10 drops to 1 teaspoon of body or massage oil.

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