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Jo Douglas | Massage Therapist & Homeopath

Jo believes that a lot of our long term and chronic health problems have a connection to the amount of suppression over the course of our lives. When we are out of balance on a physical or a mental/emotional level it is possible to support the body with natural remedies and lifestyle changes rather than suppressing symptoms with pharmaceutical medications, drugs, alcohol and even food.

If we can learn how to do this from a young age, we can prevent future generations of adults with long term and chronic health issues. Jo is really passionate about this, which means she has a particular interest in seeing clients who need day to day support with their family's health and wellness and enjoys sharing knowledge about how to use homeopathy and flower essences at home.

Currently Jo is unable to take on any new clients for homeopathy. However during an Acupressure Foot Massage she can chat to you about how you and your family could benefit from making lifestyle changes based on naturopathic principles such as reducing stress, basic dietary changes, adding nutritional supplements or balancing your mental, emotional state using Quantum Essences and Bach Flower Remedies. See Jo’s website for more information

Jo is available for clinic appointments on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
(other appointment days may be available by arrangement)
To book with Jo email or phone 07 576 9442.

Jacqui Snodgrass | Specialised Kinesiologist

A specialised kinesiologist, Jacqui has worked in the natural health and wellness industry for nearly 20 years and has a huge passion for women’s health and wellness.

Jacqui specialises in women’s hormone imbalances and is a whole-foods nutrition advocate. She has worked with woman of all ages and walks of life in many areas of their health and has a very professional and holistic approach. Drawing from her experience Jacqui is able to take a full spectrum view into your curent wellbeing and health history and has the intuitive ability to shed light quickly on what is going on for you.

Specialised kinesiology muscle monitoring techniques may be used to identify and reset imbalances within the hormonal system and advise on any nutritional support supplements or specific dietary needs required. She also develops individually tailored wellness and nutritional plans that ultimately flow within your lifestyle.

Jacqui would love to guide you in reaching your personal goals, aspirations and greater well-being naturally.

Jacqui is availible for clinic apointments on Mondays and Thursdays
(other appointment days may be available by arrangement)
To book with Jacqui phone 0274 705 396 or see

Karen Box | Homeopath (Human and Animals)

Karen is a qualified registered homeopath with a passion for helping both humans and animals through homeopathy. She believes in using natural therapies to gently support and nurture our bodies to aid in increased health and wellbeing. With interests in anxiety, hormonal imbalances, skin issues and detox, Karen offers both the classical approach as well as detox and timeline prescribing depending on the clients needs. She happily works alongside other health professionals for the benefit of your individual needs.

Karen is available for clinic appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 
(other appointment days may be available by arrangement)

For more information see
To book with Karen email or phone  0274 383 466