Holistic Hair Herbal Finishing Rise

  • Holistic Hair Herbal Finishing Rise

Holistic Hair Herbal Finishing Rise

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Holistic Hair
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Holistic Hair Finishing Rinse contains pure essential oils blended specifically to cleanse the hair, leaving your scalp toned and refreshed without altering the delicate p.h. balance of the scalp.  This leave in rinse neutralises any alkalinity left in the hair from product build up.  Also helps to smooth down your hair cuticle to help prevent split ends.  Used regularly the Holistic Hair Finishing Rinse can help to ensure healthy hair growth.

Holistic Hair has been created by Nigel Russell, who is a hairdresser and also a qualified trichologist, and uses natural biodegradable ingredients of the highest quality. There are no harmful additives in any of the blends. Borrowing from the ancient knowledge of alchemy, Holistic Hair nourishes both the hair and the scalp organically, with the well-established healing properties of natural aromatherapy. Holistic Hair products assist with: strengthening and rebuilding dry and damaged hair, soothing the scalp and encouraging healthy hair growth.  Nature's hair care.


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