Roar Coconut Milk 400ml

  • Roar Coconut Milk 400ml

Roar Coconut Milk 400ml

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ROAR Coconut Cream and milk, from the idyllic island nation of Sri Lanka, is such a totally tempting product you’re bound to end up with your very own coconut cream moustache.

This Coconut Milk is made from 100% organic coconut flesh, which is extracted and pressed using only water. It contains no emulsifiers, fillers or preservatives and comes in a BPA-free can.

Perfect for adding richness to curries, smoothies, puddings and much, much more. 

400ml. Organic, Vegan, BPA free, Kosher.

Ingredients List: 100% organic coconut flesh

Country of Origin: Sourced from Sri Lanka


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