Nuzest Clean Lean Protein 500g - Smooth Vanilla

  • Nuzest Clean Lean Protein 500g - Smooth Vanilla

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein 500g - Smooth Vanilla

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Clean Lean Protein is not just any old protein; it comes from the highest quality European Golden Peas and is the most potent of all vegetable proteins up to 90% protein.

Features and Benefits:

Clean Lean Protein has a 98% digestibility rating, making it more readily absorbed.
It’s alkaline with a pH reading of 7.8. Golden Pea protein isolate is the world’s ONLY alkaline protein. Why is this important? If your diet is too acidic your body may break down bone, muscle and connective tissue in order to free up calcium and alkaline amino acids to ‘buffer’ the blood. NuZest’s Clean Lean Protein may help you to preserve valuable muscle tissue and improve bone density.

For athletes, this alkaline protein may delay the impact of lactic acid build-up during muscle contraction – allowing for longer periods of exertion.
It’s very low in fat and carbohydrates – yet it helps you feel full

If you’re trying to control weight, NuZest’s Clean Lean Protein is ideal. It contains only 1.3% fat and has very low carbohydrate levels. It also provides satiety which helps when tempted to snack.
It’s complete – containing all essential amino acids

Suitable for everybody

  • Paleo
  • Vegans
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Children



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