Radiance Clear Lungs herbal lung syrup 200ml

  • Radiance Clear Lungs herbal lung syrup 200ml

Radiance Clear Lungs herbal lung syrup 200ml

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Radiance Clear Lungs - Herbal Lung Syrup with Manuka Honey  200ml

Features and Benefits:

  • Supports healthy airways 
  • Clear breathing 
  • Detoxification

Poor air quality can have dire consequences for the health of the respiratory system, causing throat irritation, frequent infections, coughs, mucus and lung congestion.

Radiance Clear Lungs is formulated with renowned herbs used for centuries to support healthy lung function.  A powerful herbal antioxidant blend.

Radiance Clear Lungs supports the health, comfort and vitality of the whole respiratory system.  This herbal combination is bolstered with the Manuka honey, world renowned for its soothing benefits on the respiratory system.

Synergistic blend of traditional herbs shown to support lung health and vitality

Thyme and Rosemary  - Help support detoxification and immunity while also supporting respiratory and clear airways.

White horehound & Elecampane - Supports healthy clear breathing while helping to reduce mucus congestion and discomfort in the lungs.

Licorice - Has soothing properties that can benefit an irritated throat and lungs and support against coughs and lung congestion.

Ginger - Warms and helps to soothe the respiratory system.

Manuka Honey - Has soothing and antimicrobial actions that have special benefits for the respiratory system.


Adults 5ml

Children 5-12 years 2.5ml

Children 2-5 years  1ml

Take 1 to 3 times daily or as recommended by your health care professional



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